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  • How to Detect Counterfeit Gold Coins

    Detecting counterfeit coins involves a few simple techniques that anyone can perform with some level of expertise. Before investing it’s important to determine if your gold coins are authentic and worth their stated value. This topic has become more important as more investors are buying gold as a hedge in times of uncertainty. Use a Magnet Many experts recommend using a magnet to determine the authenticity of the coin. For instance, nearly all of China’s counterfeit based coins are produced with an iron-based...
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  • No Motto versus Motto

    I get a lot of questions from gold investors as to the difference between “No-Motto” and “Motto” relating to some of the gold coins offered today. No Motto refers to coins which have the words “In God We Trust” removed from the face of the coin, whereas Motto coins still have the wording in place. In 1907, then President Teddy Roosevelt commissioned sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens to create new gold coins for the United States. In the process, the coins were created without...
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  • Is Gold A Good Investment?

    I’ve learned a great deal from personal experience and from my ongoing research on the merits of investing in gold. History shows that when the rising cycle for financial assets (stocks, mutual funds and bonds) ends, investors often turn their attention to tangible assets like gold and silver. That’s exactly what’s happening now, both here and abroad. So if you’re asking if Gold is a Good Investment, then judging on the current economic cycle, then I would say yes. Demand for gold has...
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